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 Teachers discussing a model floorplan of their school during a Tests of Change workshop.

Monday 19 September

The offices of Architecture and Design Scotland will be closed on Monday 19 September, the day of the State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen. 

Making better places for everyone

At Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) we believe that design has the power to bring people together and make better places for everyone. This belief comes from seeing first-hand how design can help resolve complex, and sometimes, conflicting issues. Design has a unique and vital role to play in transforming places and changing lives. We are here to make sure it plays that role to the full.

About us

Our contribution to Climate Week 2022

27 September (online) Join us for an event during Scotland's Climate Week to hear the story of three projects exploring place-based collaborative approaches to climate action in Scotland. 

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Why is place so important?

The relationship we have with the places we use and experience has a profound impact on our behaviour, our environment, and even our life chances. Knowing that, we work to ensure our places are designed from the very outset to enhance lives and strengthen communities. We call this the Place Principle.

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The Place Principle

Making the Place Principle an everyday reality

Experience tells us that a place is far better when the people who live, work and play there come together to help shape it. From sustainability and transport, to amenities and accessibility, the Place Principle encourages us all to think about all the things our communities need from the very beginning. Our corporate strategy sets out the way in which we can create, adapt and sustain our places, and establish the Place Principle as the ‘new normal’ throughout Scotland.

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